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Window Cleaning

Our cleaning process is performed using specially designed window cleaning tools and biodegradable cleaning products. The glass is cleaned on the inside and outside, if desired, with a lambs wool strip washer, then the excess water is squeegeed off and dried. Any bug marks, stickers or paint specks will be scraped off. The screens, sills and any storms are then cleaned and the window is put back together. We also clean light fixtures, chandeliers, fans, most skylights, mirrors and glass top tables.

Pressure Washing

Our technicians pressure wash decks, fences, driveways, sidewalks, patios, porches, siding, brick, trim and lawn furniture. Cleaning solutions are applied as needed to remove mold and mildew and then thoroughly washed. Any windows that get spotted in the process, will be cleaned on the outside glass surfaces.

Gutter Cleaning

It is extremely important to keep the debris cleaned out of gutters so that they do not overflow and cause leaks into you home, or cause the gutters to pull loose from the house. Our technicians clean out the debris from inside the gutter , from the roof area near the gutter and from the roof valleys, placing it in plastic garbage bags so as not to leave debris around the house grounds. The downspouts are cleaned and hosed out if necessary.

Snow Removal

We provide snow removal services and salting to residential and commercial properties. Please call in the Fall to arrange for an estimated price and contract to be set up. Snow removal is performed as quickly as possible at the end of the snowfall, when there is 3” or more of snow. After the snow is removed, salt is applied to driveways and parking lots and calcium chloride is applied to sidewalks. Sidewalks and special surface driveways that cannot be plowed, will be hand shoveled or blown , depending on the length of the driveway, then salt or calcium chloride will be applied.

Heavy Duty Housecleaning

There is not enough time in the day to get all of the chores and responsibilities done in our homes. So during the months of less cooperative weather, ie from Christmas to March 15th, we offer heavy duty housecleaning service. We will wash walls, woodwork, clean garages and basements, even whole houses that you are moving into or moving out of. Call to get on board for our next cleaning season.

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